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Cambridge International Schools Sudan



Project Name: Young Volunteers Shaping the Future (YVSF)

School Name: Cambridge International School - Khartoum

Country: Sudan

Project Leader Name: Razan Mohamed Saied Ali

Project Leader Email:

GSL Project Leader/Group Adviser: Owen Shamu

Project Leader/Adviser’s Email:

Project Leader/Adviser’ Contact Number:+249999221480

Project Social Media Accounts: to be completed soon**

Project Members: (all members are in Year 7: 12-13 years)

1.      Reela Abdalla Sirelkhatim Abdalla (

2.      Siba Mohammad Bassam Abuhajle,

3.      Beyza Reyhan Kali,

4.      Razan Hassan Hayder 

5.      Ebba Izzeldin Mohamed Ahmed Nasir,

6.      Hanin TarigHamednalla Ahmed,

7.      Maab Mohamed Eisa Ateem

At first, I was worried that I might not be able to teach and share knowledge well with students from a different school, but in the end I was stunned that I did everything I wanted to do in the lesson without being nervous. At the beginning, I had a thought … to teach and help the poor students, but I did not just help them, now I made friends with them. We had lots of fun together......I wish they will always remember me and know me as their friend.

By: Siba Mohammad Bassam

Before I went there with the (YVSF) group, I was so inquisitive and kind of nervous ... There were lots of questions in my mind that made me worried and tense. “Will I communicate clearly with students from Azza Mohamed School? Will the students like the way I teach? Will they understand me? But, when I got there and met with the students, they were very kind to me. We played games, we even sang together. It was so fun to talk to them. I felt so excited to be accepted. It’s an amazing feeling! One, I will never forget!

By: Beyza Reyhan Kalı

I thought that I will fail to teach them something useful. While I was taught I looked around at their faces I saw curiosity in each and every one of them about what I was teaching and sharing. The participation was awesome! In the end I was able to teach and share them something useful and be their friend even though I have only just met them I felt like we had been long-time friends all. I hope they remember me as a trust worthy friend.

By: Razan Hassan Hayder

 When we arrived at Azza Mohamed Nour School, I wasn’t too confident that I would be able to present something to students I wasn’t familiar with. I thought that I would just stand in front of them and cry. My knees shook a lot when I stepped to the front of the overcrowded classroom. The moment I greeted them, I just felt I had so much to share with them. I was really surprised with myself. I have never felt that confident. It was the best feeling I have ever felt! It was incredible. Their participation was just awesome.

By: Ebaa Izzeldin Mohamed Ahmed Nasir

I was very nervous and scared then when I saw Razan Mohamed and Razan Hassan sharing presenting. The girls understood and also participated. I felt encouraged, comfortable and happy. We also played games and sang a song with the teacher. It was really great and fun for all of us. I really enjoyed it.

By: Maab Mohamed Eisa Ateem





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As I was preparing for the presentation the day before, I felt slightly depressed. I knew for a fact that if I did things right or messed them up; no one would laugh at me. Yet I couldn't bear the thought of them laughing secretly or thinking that I know nothing if I did the latter. I wasn't so nervous though, I had met all of them during our last visit and established a relationship with the girls. But once I planned and practiced perfectly, I imagined the scenario happening and was able to visualise their happy and glad faces. It made me feels so excited to go and share them my knowledge. I felt a surge of confidence run through me today when I started greeting, therefore I continued heartily. After we had all finished the exchanging information lesson, I was very excited to know that we had twenty minutes free with the girls. I don't really have any siblings or cousins around right now that are of my same age, so I always liked the idea of making new friends that have my same interests other than those in our school. I had so much fun with my new friends; I am really excited to meet them again next week. By: Razan Mohammed Saied

Project Leader Name: Razan Mohamed Saied Ali


Reela Abdalla Sirelkhatim

Siba Mohammad  Abuhajle

Beyza Reyhan Kali    Razan Hassan Hayder 
Ebba Izzeldin Mohamed Ahmed Nasir Hanin TarigHamednalla Ahmed

 Maab Mohamed Eisa Ateem

I was delighted that I was chosen for such an important project. I started imagining what it would be like to talk and help someone almost my age that is living a totally different life from mine. I want to do my best at it. I want everyone in the group to do their best at it. We are all working together which makes us closer. 

 When we met the students for the first time in December 2018, I was so nervous I almost backed out of the project. As we walked into the classrooms and chatted with the students, I started to calm down and actually started chatting along. I was actually surprised at how comfortable and happy their lifestyle appeared. They seemed satisfied with what they have. One thing I noticed though was that the younger ones told me things like “Oh, we also have swings upstairs and we also have chocolates and games,” which really unsettled me.

On the second visit, we taught them English. Honestly I just felt like I was visiting my usual friends so I wasn’t as nervous as before. We chatted and to be honest I completely forgot that we were doing a project. I realised there were lots of talents. Singing, poetry, writing and many more .From my experience so far I have realized that even the weakest or less privileged of all, has dreams, passions and talents. At first I felt sympathy towards them, but now I feel like I have gained more friends and confidence too.

By: Hanin Tarig Hamednalla Ahmed