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GSL World Summit is  (two-week) transformational annual leadership experience developed by Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership Institute that brings together young people aged 15-17 from across the world who are driven to make social change on a global scale at Wellington College.



Cambridge Schools have entered this global competition with a project named  Young Volunteers Shaping the Future (YVSF).
The objectives of the project are outlined here.
All works and activities  that the project will undertake will be listed on this page soon .



Completion of our 12 week project



Celebrating Resilience at the Official Opening of Azza Mohamed Nour School Library



زارت مجموعة 4     GSL  شركات في بحري من أجل إقامة شراكات مستدامة معهم. كانت الرحلة ناجحة وإيجابية

The GSL group visited 4 companies in Bahry in order to establish sustainable partnerships with them. The trip was successful and positive




برنامج التبادل الطلابي المحلي مع فتيات السنة الثامنة من مدرسة عزة محمد نور 4 مارس 2019م

Experiences shared between Year 8 girls from Azza Mohamed Nour School and Cambridge YVSF members today, 4th March 2019                                       


Cambridge GSL Young Volunteers Shaping the Future

Local Student Exchange Programme with Year 8 girls from Azza Mohamed Nour School

Experiences shared between Year 8 girls from Azza Mohamed Nour School and Cambridge YVSF members today, 4th March 2019, were an unforgettable adventure! We all loved it! It was pleasurable as we both tried new things like learning Science and ICT and watched a film together. As we immersed ourselves into these activities, we realised how so close we have become and how this GSL project has created lasting bonds between Azza Mohamed Nour School and us. We indeed hope to nurture this new discovery that will allow us to grow as individuals and as global citizens.

Our confidence is really on a high and we are excited that it is growing with each encounter we have with the girls from Azza Mohamed Nour School. We believe the future is in our hands. We will apply it now. The best year of our life has just begun!

Main inspirational comments were that, the girls from Azza Mohamed Nour School shared their emotional thoughts about learning Science in the Science laboratory and taking part in a practical ICT lesson actually using computers. It was a first time for many of them. They only learn ICT and Science theory at their school. They don’t have Science and ICT Labs. Today, was amazing for them because they participated in hands on ICT and Science lessons. They watched Science and ICT educational videos which explained their learning objectives. Above all, the lessons broadened their educational experiences in ways they could not imagine and express.

Wonderful day! Thanks GSL Team for the 2019 Global Goals Competition.

By: YVSF Group Members



يوم التبادل المعرفى التقنى بين مدارس كامبردج و مدرسة عازة

Technology Exchange With Azza School

Cambridge GSL Young Volunteers Shaping the Future

Sharing views on Technology with Year 8 Girls from Azza Mohamed Nour School

25th February 2019, we shared experiences on learning technologies such as smart phones iPods and Kindles. We discovered that, generally, Azza Mohamed Nour School is one of the many schools which are being left behind at a time when awareness of technology and its potential uses in education is growing in Sudan and across the world. Besides the blackboard, they have only textbooks to use as their main learning resources, so we had an idea to advocate for quality education. We decided to carry along our smart phones and Kindles to share with our newly-found friends at Azza Mohamed Nour School.

At the end of the ninety minutes session, many of us found out that technology facilitates communication between us. We shared use of social media platforms discussing how this could help with studies or sharing homework with each other when needed. We discovered we could solve assignments through contacting each other and even research for information. This made us feel closer to each other. In future we will strengthen the bond between the YVSF group and the girls from Azza Mohamed Nour School which could an effective way to remove social barriers between us. We will exchange contacts.


Another amazing discovery was that, we could solve our problems because of the rapid change in information. There were different APPS we shared during the discussion for example games, both educational and fun. Above all discussion on whether in the future people will use eBooks instead of paper books. We showed them how our school has actually introduced this kind of system where we have saved some of our textbooks on Kindle devices so that we don’t carry heavy bags full of books to school.


Lastly, we hope to find time to share about technology again and discuss safer internet practices. We are looking forward to the new week.


Guess what? On Monday 4th March 2019, Azza Mohamed Nour Year 8 students will visit our school on an exchange programme. Watch this space for details.


By: Razan Mohamed Saied Ali YVSF Group Leader


زيارة المجموعة لمدرسة عازة - الاثنين 18 فبراير 2018م

The group visit to Azza School - Monday 18 February 2018

يوم جمع التبرعات بواسطة مجموعة قادة المجتمع الدولى - مدارس كامبردج العالمية - الخميس 14 فبراير 2019م

Fundraising Day by the Global Social Leaders  Group - Cambridge International Schools - Thursday 14 February 2019


Cambridge GSL Young Volunteers Shaping the Future

Donation of Whiteboards and Markers to Azza Mohamed Nour School

18th February 2019, was an awesome day! We all loved it! It was emotional to some extent, but very inspiring. We arrived at Azza Mohamed Nour for our third visit since the start of the programme.

On arrival and as usual, Ms. Saida Sabeel (the school principal) welcomed us with a broad smile; happy and jovial facial expressions. She exchanged warm hugs and kisses with all of us. We held a brief chat and discussed about our plans for the day. We presented our donation of a whiteboard and board markers to Ms. Saida Sabeel in the Year 8 classroom. Two students volunteered to write on the whiteboard and they expressed their appreciation.

The teachers write with chalk on kind of wallboards painted in black. It is very difficult for them. Some boards are slippery that chalk cannot be used. The students can also not see clearly the writing on the board. This really touched and inspired us last week when we did peer teaching activities. It was somehow frustrating to write on the board. We decided to donate whiteboards as an example of how we can improve the quality of education at Azza Mohamed Nour School. Whiteboards use dry erase markers instead of chalk. They are simple to use, are reusable and can be used for quick work. Students were excited about writing on the whiteboard.

One of the teachers elatedly exclaimed, “We are truly luck! There is nothing greater and more valuable than having new whiteboards! We really need them!” (Translated from Arabic)

Some of the students also shared their joy and deep appreciation:

“Thank you so much. This has been a day full of knowledge, joy and excitement!” mentioned one student.

“We are so happy with Cambridge International School girls. They are so nice, generous and caring!”

“We wish to be like the Cambridge girls for being so helpful and kind!”

After presenting the whiteboard donation, we were given group tasks to discuss on the topics:

1.      Who am I?

2.      My dreams and

3.      If I could change the world …

We had very interesting discussions and shared ideas. We learned from each other. We felt like we were one. We felt we had shared interests, dreams and ideas for changing the world. It was an amazing feeling! We embraced each other and enjoyed it more when we presented our discussions to the whole school at assembly.

At assembly, we a girl from our school and one from Azza Mohamed Nour School recited a poem entitled: “I AM” written by Mrs Brenda Hove, a Zimbabwean motivational speaker. We learned so much about ourselves from the poem. The whole school recited along.

A lovely day to remember!

A meeting with a carpenter who will assist us to make book shelves for the library was held. The library is our next plan of action. We hope to complete it soon.

Our efforts are linked to providing quality education and reducing inequality.

By: YVSF Group Members









Recent News

  • Completion of our 12 week project


    Young Volunteers Shaping the Future (2018-2019)


    To complete our 12 week project, we officially opened the library on Monday, 22nd April 2019 in the presence of the Honourable MP of the area Mr.Altijani Mohamed Odon, School Principal Ms.SaidaSabeelAbdalla, Senior Managers from Cambridge (Sudan), YVSF Members, Azza Mohamed Nour School students and members of the parents association and local community.

     Our greatest reflection is that:


    Life is indeed a mirror

    Life gives us NOT WHAT WE WANT for OURSELVES

    Life gives us WHO WE ARE


    Life is HAPPINESS


    Life is BETTER when we all HELP and SHARE

    That’s the beginning of Experiencing Equal Opportunities


    The project redefined our lives; we developed new perspectives of life as well as gained a better sense ofwhat is going on in our local community.

    Group Members


    1.      RAZAN MOHAMED SAIED ALI (Group leader)

    2.      REELA ABDALLA SIRELKHATIM ABDALLA (Fundraising Chair)

    3.      SIBA MOHAMMAD BASSAM ABUHAJLE (Peer Teaching Facilitator)

    4.      BEYZA REYHAN KALI (Partnerships Coordinator)


    6.      HANIN TARIG HAMEDNALLA AHMED (Peer Teaching)

    7.      RAZAN HASSAN HAYDER (Public Relations)

    8.      MAAB MOHAMED EISA ATEEM (Photography)

    9.      MS. RANIA MOHAMED AWADALLA SULIMAN (Teacher and Advisor)

    10.  MR. OWEN SHAMU (Teacher and Advisor)




    Cambridge GSL Young Volunteers Shaping the Future

    Celebrating Resilience at the Official Opening of Azza Mohamed Nour School Library

    22nd April 2019: Cambridge YVSF is proud to announce the opening of a new library.

    The Azza Mohamed Nour School teachers, students and community gathered to witness the opening of their school’s very first library. It was a dream come true for the Cambridge Young Volunteers Shaping the Future group and the Year 8 students from Azza Mohamed Nour School, to see this library come to fruition after collaborating together to add quality in education standards at the school.

    The new library is stocked with over 650 fantastic books on various topics and subjects. It will be in use in the next academic year (2019-2020). Cambridge YVSF intends to raise more funds to buy 1000 books by December 2019.

    The main aim of establishing the library is to motivate Azza Mohamed Nour School students to develop a love of reading books. The library has a great sitting area which is peaceful to allow for immersive studying.

    We truly celebrated resilience as the establishing of this library met with so many obstacles that we overcame through patience, perseverance, hard work and endurance. We honoured and promoted education which has always been part of human history. People always strive for knowledge and struggled for it. All the members of the YVSF group alongside Azza Mohamed Nour School’s Year 8 girls worked very hard and were instrumental in deciding the layout and furniture for the library to meet the needs of fellow students. The students are expected to reach higher levels in the context of awareness and that's why taking part in this project means seeds of ownership and empowerment would have been planted in the students, which will give them confidence to strive for better standards.

    In these politically charged days in Sudan, there is nothing more powerful than knowledge and there is nothing more devastatingly destructive than ignorance. Students are seeds that need careful, compassionate nourishment so that, someday, they will grow into beautiful trees.

    Many thanks to everyone who contributed towards this success and we are grateful to everyone who took time out of their day to witness this unforgettable moment in the history of Azza Mohamed Nour School.

    The Cambridge Young Volunteers Shaping the Future Members and Azza Mohamed Nour’s relationship might seem like a small step in hindsight, but in reality it is our long life journey and dream. It’s something that WE TARGET TO SUSTAIN for a very l – o – n – g time.

    By: Razan Mohamed Saied Ali YVSF Group Leader



















    February 11, 2019

    Global Social Leaders Project Group schedual weekly visit to Azza Mohamed Nour School. The eight girls are Razan, Siba, Reela, Razan, Maab, Beyza, Ebba and Hanin all Year 7. 

    The visits will be from 10:00AM - 12 noon on every Monday.

Learning with students from Azza Mohamed Nour School


Latest Updates

Cambridge GSL Young Volunteers Shaping the Future

Educational Trip for a Worthy Cause

Developing Sustainable Partnerships the Azza Mohamed Nour School Project



19th March 2019

In an effort to achieve our chosen passion for the Global Goals Project with Azza Mohamed Nour School, we engaged in public relations to collaborate with local companies in an effort to seek further assistance which could create continued efforts to develop the school.

We went on a trip to four companies within Khartoum today. The main objectives were to:

·         seek more donations and any possible assistance including funding to cater for the present needs and priority areas of our project’s current goals

·         seek long-term sustainable relationships with the companies in order to improve the quality of education at Azza Mohamed Nour School

In deed the four companies we visited, took the challenge of sustainability seriously. They were so excited to be given the platform to help in the field of education. They became so interested when we mentioned that we were inspired by the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. They were pleased we have started acting on the goals as young people and have actually chosen to develop young people as well.

Here is a list of companies and what they have donated for our project’s current priorities:


·         they will inform us of a decision soon


·         donated 80 plastic stools which could be used in the library and 80 plastic cups for drinking clean and safe water


·         they will install 10 ceiling fans for the classrooms and the library


·         donated a huge water tank to store clean and safe water and 1 large stainless steel water cooler

Above all, the companies expressed their strong will to partner us in further developing Azza Mohamed Nour School in the future.

We would like to thank the companies for dedicating themselves to partner our project for a very good cause!

We also learned so much from this experience. We never had the experience to associate with top company management. Though we appeared knowledgeable and ready with all the information about our whole project; reality got the better of us! We were not even sure we would make a positive impression that could convince the companies to team up with us. We were scared to lose potential project partners. We learned that we need to organise our presentations to win trust. We had to think of certain persuasive techniques to make a good impression and yes they worked! We learned to negotiate in a business manner. This was so huge! AWESOME! It’s something that will always remain in our minds.

By: YVSF Group Members                              




Cambridge Young Volunteers Shaping the Future (YVSF)

Fundraising Campaign Launch

 Thursday, 14th February 2019 at Cambridge International Schools (Khartoum)

On, Monday, 11th February 2019, we connected with Year 8 students at Azza Mohamed Nour School. Activities included:

·         YVSF members engage in peer teaching of Basic English Language Grammar and Speaking

·         Sharing of knowledge and skills in English communication between YVSF members and Year 8 students of Azza Mohamed Nour School.

Thursday, 14th February 2019, YVSF members involved the whole-school by launching a fundraising campaign. A CIVVIES or NO UNIFORM DAY was held in line with our GSL Sustainable Goals: NO POVERTY, ZERO HUNGER, QUALITY EDUCATION and REDUCING INEQUALITY. As a result, an amount of 46, 041 SDG (Sudanese Pounds) was raised on the first day of the campaign. The fundraising campaign will be an on-going exercise.

 However, all proceeds will be channelled towards improving the Azza Mohamed Nour School’s facilities. Books for establishing a library were donated by Cambridge students on this launch. Also, toys, stationery (pens, exercise books, pencils etc.), schoolbags and clothes were generously donated.

 On Monday, 18th February 2019 members of YVSF will hand over the donations to the school.

 Cambridge YVSF will positively change the world and make it a better place for all humankind, wildlife and nature in general.