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Global Social Leaders is a chance for young people to change the world for the better through social action and personal development. The Global Social Leaders programmes are transformational leadership experiences delivered by Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership Institute that bring together young people from across the world who are driven to make social change on a global scale.

Cambridge International Schools Sudan entered the competition under project :

Project Name: Young Volunteers Shaping the Future (YVSF).


  •   Number 1: NO POVERTY

  •   Number 2: NO HUNGER


  •   Number 10: REDUCE INEQUALITY


1.      To foster in young people a sense of concern for caring, inclusiveness, Global Citizenship and volunteerism.

2.      To turn young people’s ideas, creativity and passion into concrete intervention through interactive and collaborative community actions.

3.      To connect schools (rich and needy) to develop creative community actions that meet 21st Century community needs.



Our Mission

Our aims will be conveyed through a 12 - 15 week community based volunteer programme focused on engaging young willing volunteers to connect with other young people from different social backgrounds. The projects will provide young people to experience the challenges of making time to positively help, contribute, share, collaborate and then turn their youthful ideas, creativity and passion into concrete intervention through active and responsible community action.

They will learn to give something to the needy, share skills and pursue personal interests such as dedicating their lives to the vision and goal of care, creativity and action.

Young people will be inspired to gain a greater understanding and respect for everyone in their community and engage in activities that promote principles of inclusiveness (equality), diversity and creation of sustainable connections or relationships.








I  write  on  behalf  of  Cambridge College London (CCL)  in  support  of  the Global Social Leaders Competition 2018- 2019 under the project of Young Volunteers Shaping the Future (YVSF) which you proposed and sent to the  Global Goals Competition. 


Deputy Director  of  Cambridge College London



Our group chose Azza Mohamed Nour school to work with. It consists of 8 tiny classes for Grade 1-8, each containing an average of 80 girls. Students share very old and broken plain wooden desks and chairs in order to fit in. The school can not afford ceramic for the ground, therefore pupils' studying environment forces them to take lessons on sandy floors.The smell isn't pleasant either. The students are overcrowded in the hot classrooms with hardly any space to write comfortably on.

We felt touched by how different their situation is as compared to ours, so we decided to use the above goals as a way of reducing differences in our community. We went to the school in December and were welcomed so excellently by the staff and students. We established relationships at once as we shared the classroom and experiences together. It was an amazing experience for us, so we decided to help them in any way we can using the 4 Sustainable Goals .



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